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Changes to Round 2 Schedule

Hello all - we received a few emails that Division A was due up for a 4 pm round this coming Sunday. In light of this, I have switched up the 4 pm games this round for Division A and Division B. I apologize for any inconvenience.

I have kept the rest of the schedule as is, as I don't want to change things up further for anyone else and it gets a little complicated changing things in the website backend. Enough teams have shuffled around in divisions that any change in schedule shouldn't be too unexpected for most. Also, a big thank you for Division C for drawing a bit of a short straw in getting the double header in advance of the Christmas dinner, and for last round's Division D for what I now noticed was two weeks in a row of 4 pm games due to the change in schedule from Thanksgiving. You are all national treasures.

Please let me know directly ( if you have any technical problems with accessing your schedule, as with 196 entries I've bound to have made a couple of errors. Thanks!

Best, -Rob

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