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Curling to resume January 16 - feedback requested

Hello all - thank you for your feedback on continuing this season. While it wasn't a landslide, there was a clear preference to return to curling and use the 4 pm draw to allow for further spacing between games. As such, we plan to resume the season this coming Sunday (January 16).

With a sizeable contingent voting to postpone the season, we know not all teams may be comfortable returning to the ice just yet, and so we'd like to get an idea of who may not end up curling this coming Sunday so that we can potentially alter the schedule to minimize teams showing up to no opponent. Please respond to this survey by Thursday, January 13 so we can have a chance to determine ice requirements.

Thanks again!

Survey results for any who are curious:

Option A (all 1:30 games)

5 – most preferred option

7 – less preferred option

9 – least preferred option

Option B (split 1:30/4pm games)

9 – most preferred option

10 – less preferred option

2 – least preferred option

Option C (postpone)

7 – most preferred

4 – less preferred

10 – least preferred

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