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President's Report on the 2019-2020 Season

Keystone Rainbow Curling League

President’s Report on the 2019-2020 Season

I would like to start off by thanking everyone for the opportunity to be the president of the Keystone Rainbow Curling League, it is an honour and a privilege to serve in this role. I would also like to thank our amazing board of directors for all their support and hard work this past season: Vice President, Ken Brand; Treasurer, Sharon Pchajek; Secretary, Paula Parks; Webmaster, Rob McWhinney; Draw Master, Jeff Parker, and Members at Large, Mike Curwen and Brenda Elias. I would also like to thank Carolanne Leopold for all her work as Social Media Director. Due to the hard work of the entire board we were able to have a successful season.

There were some ups and downs along the way but I'm very happy to report that we grew again to 28 teams last season with a lot of new teams joining our league. We were able to have a great social which raised a lot more funds than in previous years.

We also had a few challenges this year:

  • We had to completely redo our website. Many thanks to Rob for all your hard work getting it up to speed, it's terrific.

  • We had our first curling playdowns for the nationals and had to go over what happens when we are awarded a second spot. It was a challenge but I think we got it right. 

  • We had to get all our Bison Cup trophies redone as they were full. I really think this was our greatest accomplishment as we got all new bases for the trophies and they look amazing, we were able to offset the cost by selling the naming rights for all three trophies which will pay for all work that was completed and bring in more money for the Bison Cup.

The Bison Cup Bonspiel itself was more successful as well. We added a kick off event, the "Thursday Night Gay Trivia" game which went over well. Also, we paid out more prize money, had more prizes for everyone that dressed up and provided food vouchers and drink vouchers for all teams. We ended with more profit than the last few bonspiels as well. In hopes of growing the event further, we are currently looking at modifying our Bison Cup format for future seasons.

Finally, our league was the subject of a short documentary film which, if you haven’t seen it yet I urge you to do so. It’s available on CBC Gem. Hopefully, the exposure it provides will help the league grow even more.

Sadly we were not able to complete our season before the Covid-19 pandemic hit. It has been a difficult time for everyone and I sincerely hope you are all doing well, taking care and staying safe. Even as we continue to try to grow and prosper our league in the face of this challenge, we will always put the safety of our members as our first priority. 

On behalf of myself and the board, I want to wish you all well and hope that, if you are able, you will join us for the upcoming curling season. The Granite Curling Club and our league are adopting an array of policies and procedures aimed at providing a safe and fun experience for all who want to curl this season. 

Yours Truly,

Shane Mann, President

Keystone Rainbow Curling League

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