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Unclaimed 50-50, CGCC Registration, and Other Important Website Updates

Hello all! I have a few updates I'd like to mention:

  1. Last week's 50-50 went unclaimed. It's $155 (!!!) so check your tickets (winning ticket number is 681961) and let Shane know if you're a winner (baby).

  2. Playoffs for our Canadian Gay Curling Championship entry (entries?) will be held in November. If you would like to enter, please register here by November 1. More details to follow.

  3. The excel files with the schedules and spares have been replaced by more proper webpages. To view the schedule, please go to the standings page. Note that the errors in the Division A ice assignments have been corrected, so please use the website schedule over the excel spreadsheet so there is no confusion for sheets.

  4. Please remember to report your scores after every game, regardless of if your team won or lost. I'm using a google form this year attached to a spreadsheet that auto-calculates scores so there will be a greatly reduced risk of addition errors or typos (and also saving me about 30 minutes of score entry every week), but it only works correctly if all game outcomes are correctly reported through the google forms. It will help me greatly if everyone does this right after their game is finished, so thanks in advance for doing that!

  5. Spares: you may list your availability on the spare page using the checkboxes for each date and hitting submit. If you run into issues, please let me know!

That's all for now! As always, let me know at if the website is doing anything wonky. See you next Sunday!

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