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Updates and 2021-22 Season

Greetings curlers! There are a few things to update you on:

  • A reminder that registration and fee payment will be done directly through the Granite this year. Forms are located here and more details can be found on the KRCL home page. Please register by Monday, September 27 to give us a few days to get the schedule together. Regular season curling starts October 3.

  • Spare registration is up, and you may use the form here to add your name to the spare list.

  • The learn to curl clinic will be held Sunday, September 26. Please RSVP here if you plan on attending.

  • A reminder that with the current public health guidelines, you will be required to have proof of vaccination to use the Granite facilities.

Thanks! And as always, Rob is relearning how to do the website stuff every year so if you notice anything not working, let him know at and he'll get it fixed when he can.

See you all on the ice!

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