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Website and Spares

Two quick updates!

First: a reminder that the website is up and you can check out the schedule by registering and clicking on your team name from the Division page (I know I just mentioned this, but I forgot to update the contacts list before that last notification went out so many of you are getting this twice).

Second: tomorrow, you will hopefully get an email with the first Whoozin for spare availability (apologies for the late notice). Unless you are a spare, no need to RSVP, but you will be able to use the Whoozin page to see who is and is not available for sparing that week before you contact them. Current spares registered are listed on the new spares page, and there will be a link placed there as soon as I have it to the Whoozin page that will be updated every week.

Again, give me ( or the club email ( a shout if you have any problems.




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