Curling back on as of January 16!

Hello all - the season is starting up again this coming Sunday. A few teams aren't returning just yet, so we've had to make some schedule adjustments. So, for now, the schedule is going to be posted weekly here to try to maximize play time/minimize forfeitures.

January 23, 1:30 PM

Div A

Better From Behind vs. Curls Gone Wild, Sheet 1
Broom For Improvement vs. Tricks of the Rings, Sheet 3
Golden Curls vs. Gin on the Rocks, Sheet 5

Div C

Sweeping Beauties vs. Diamond Deluxe, Sheet 7
Rosie and Les Dollar Beanz vs. Hacks and Sacks, Sheet 9

January 23, 4 PM

Div C

The Patsy Stones vs. Sissy That Rock, Sheet 2

Div B

Rock Knockers vs. Matt and the Kool Kids, Sheet 4
Slippery Sliders vs. Sausage Party, Sheet 6
D and the 3 J's vs. Sheetfaced, Sheet 8

January 16, 1:30 PM

Div B

Matt and the Kool Kids vs. Sausage Party, Sheet 1
Rock Knockers vs. Sheetfaced, Sheet 3
D and the 3 J's vs. Slippery Sliders, Sheet 5

Div C

Sweeping Beauties vs. Hacks and Sacks, Sheet 7
Diamond Deluxe vs. Sissy That Rock, Sheet 9

January 16, 4:00 PM

Div A

Broom for Improvement vs. Gin on the Rocks, Sheet 4
Tricks of the Rings vs. Golden Curls, Sheet 6

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To view your team's schedule, please click on your team name in the Standings page

Interested in competing for a spot at the Canadian Gay Curling Championships? Register here!

Spare registration can be completed at this page; spare fees are $30.00 payable to KRCL

Proof of full vaccination will be mandatory for all players under current public health orders. Please bring proof with you to enter the Granite. The Granite's home page details the current public health rules

Curling Canada has more resources at their return to play page

See you on the ice!

Please send any website or schedule related questions to with KRCL in the subject line and I will respond ASAP.

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